What’s in your diary for today? | 28/02/2007

This column is for everyone who has an experience to share; an experience that should ahve been written in a diary but is better kept in your mind. An experience you’ll like to shout out loud when you are sure those around can’t make out your identity. You want it out of your mind, you want others to learn from it but you definitely don’t want to author a novel with your name in black.

I wish you peace of mind as you pour it all out.


Posted in Dear Diary


  1. Today, my boss looked at me and said “Are you okay?”. It’s been a difficult period but I’m surviving was my response. He must have seen through the bright t-shirt and jean skirt I wore. i wonder how I keep going in the face of overwhelming tide.

    Jesus does make the differnce; no doubt.

    Comment by Selina — 24/05/2007 @ 3:32 pm

  2. It’s so hard to smile when your heart’s this heavy…and your heart bleeding…like mine. Its just been one tough journey through this place and the hurts just come from those you love(d) and trust(ed). I guess that’s the point- it takes someone you truly care about to hurt you… But one thing remains sure, God has been faithful thru it all.
    Hang in their y’all, i see d light just round this bend…tomorrow robins will sing, they always do anyways, sometimes there’s just too much noise in our heads and we’re not just still enough to hear their lovely music.

    Comment by Tee — 31/07/2007 @ 11:14 am

  3. Whatever is responsible for your bleeding heart I pray your mourning will be turned into joy and ashes into beauty… step up and step out ’cause God has got your back. Keep still, don’t just hear the lovely music; enjoy it!

    Comment by orogojigo — 21/01/2008 @ 2:48 pm

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