When love slips away…

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They met in college and they were both deeply in love. But as is the case in a number of conservative societies they played it out as platonic friends. The love continued to grow as their years increase yet the guy couldn’t ask her out and the culture does not support that the request come from the gal.

About 15 years after, the man is married with children but the woman remains single, yet they have remained friends and confidants. How come the man never took it further before it became too late “I loved her but she was from a rich family; I feared people will say I dated or married her for her parent’s wealth.

Today the man is richer; working his way to the very top of his career. The woman is rich but living everyday through the love-less life occasioned by her financial association….


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Aint we stuck with either bra or boxers?

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We seldom go out without either depending on gender. Though they can de adorned seperately, they create thrills or sparks when they come together. Open up and lets see a glimpse of your experience.

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