Wetin my eye see


Alo o,

As I waka up and down teach oyinbo pickin finish I come go reboot my medula. Midnite reach I say make I carry my horse waka go house I see say my tire don flat. I sabi replace tire but I no sabi uncover aloy wheel so I call my dudu friend to bring torch. Thank God say e no just say make I come collect am. As I dey expect am I see say some opakas and opekes were writing on the wall not far from me. I tink, maybe na my lucky nite be dis but who’sai dem no even look my side. I com remember 9ja. Even if area boy go ask for settlement dem must first ask wetin shappen? Before my friend land, I try remove jack and spoare I see say oyinbo don hook am down, I shake am skake am, manage comot am na im I begin jack motor. As I don reach up begin put tire na so oyinbo jack crash land, igbaga! Na God save my hand. My dudu friend comot go bring me im jack.

Before e return one oyinbo police come near by. He take one long look, see say I be dudu and decide say no use or maybe im look me see host of angels come back track (abi make I be positive). Hmn na way o; police na ya friend? As my friend arrive I rush go him boot abi na trunk say make I quick remove jack as wind don blow cold inside my system finish, I com see say na screw dem take screw am down. While we tried to figure how to unscrew it I thought, if na thief set trap dem go don catch you finish.

We manage comot am, survived the silly shape of the twister and got the tire changed only to see say spare sef na fake. I had to drive escorted down to the gas (petrol) station and then to the tire shop. As I dey go house I remember say dem write private tow away zone for the tire shop so na one eye I take sleep. As early as possible I call dem to report myself and to order for 2 new front wheels.

When time reach to pick car I see say dem don change d two tires and dem don charge me city fee? disposal fee? Oyinbo! Dem charge me to re-use (not dispose) my tire. As I reach house I come remember say sebi na one tire spoil. I rush go boot come see say na the fake spare dem put there come carry the second tire wey still good. Small time we go say corruption dey 9ja. I rush go there demand for my tire wey dem carry wey still good and collect my disposal fee.

To survive for obodo you need sense, no let small palava join the big one wey don sama you.

 Abeg go ahead and write your story.